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Summer School Class List

Academic Program (8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)

All classes are taught by current or former Edison High School teachers who have extensive experience teaching students with learning differences. The student and her/his family choose two of the three course offerings. Classes last 90 minutes and average eight students. All classes offer access to technology and study skills support.


Students are challenged to see math in a new way, as they solve real-life problems using practical, hands-on math activities. Abstract math concepts gain new relevance as students review basic arithmetic facts and practice the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Instruction is driven by students' individual needs and targets statewide math curriculum goals.  


In writing class, students develop confidence in their own creativity and ability as they practice key strategies for improving different kinds of writing. The students write an essay, a report and several narrative pieces. Learning strategies include note-taking for research, using graphic organizers and self-monitoring with planners to organize time and deadlines. Writing skills and confidence will soar! 


Our reading class promotes better reading by improving students' comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and basic decoding skills. The reading teacher uses a variety of engaging fiction and non-fiction materials at each student's reading level. Students work on outlining strategies, prepare a book report and develop crucial laptop skills.

Afternoon Enrichment Program* (12:00 P.m. - 3:00 p.m.)

After lunch students will explore a topic in-depth. Our outstanding Edison High School teachers will share some of their favorite ideas and topics to encourage deeper learning in content areas, spark new interests and spread excitement about learning! Participants may sign up by the week. Below are examples of the classes that may be offered in the afternoon.

 *Afternoon enrichment classes are only available to registered morning students. Afternoon-only attendance is not an option in our program. 


In this active course, you will have the opportunity to play multiple ball games (soccer, touch football, and perhaps tennis baseball), in addition to practicing the basics of ultimate Frisbee.  You will also have the opportunity to practice safe cycling (i.e. basic signalling) and take part in cycling obstacle courses.  Please note that our number of bikes is limited, so sign up fast if you're interested to take part in this course.  See you there!


Do you like working in teams on hands-on projects?  Want to make the world a better place? If you like helping others and making a difference in the community, this class is for you!  In this elective, Edison Service Learning director, Kassie Halpin, will lead students in projects that will improve the lives of people right here in the Portland metro area, and create smiles in other areas of the world.  Students will get the opportunity to work on projects such as creating cards for service members, making blankets for children in need and hats for cancer patients, collecting food for the Oregon Food Bank, and putting together homeless care packs for local distribution.


Have you ever thought about what it takes to make a replacement heart valve? Do you like to build things that fly, float or move? Join us for the Engineering and Design class.

Engineers ask critical questions about what they want to create, whether it be a skyscraper, amusement park ride, bicycle or smartphone. These questions include: What is the problem to solve? What do we want to design? Who is it for? What do we want to accomplish? What are the project requirements? What are the limitations? What is our goal?

In this enrichment class, students will explore physics and math by building a model of a heart valve. We will explore aerodynamics through paper airplanes and water bottle rockets. We will gain a better understanding of buoyancy by constructing clay boats. This class is hands-on and will be a lot of fun!


Time to get up and get active, everyone!  This week will involve various sports, games, and activities – both indoors and outdoors – meant for fun, exercise, and to expand our appreciation of the greatest machine you will ever own: your body!  Some of the activities will include:           

  • Frisbee
  • Yoga
  • Self-Defense/Knowing your surroundings
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Capture the flag
  • Kickball
  • Also, bring your own ideas for fun activities you’d like to share with the group. 

Change is ​the ​name and finding solutions is the game! In this summer’s Minecraft class, students will team together, put on their empathetic hats and take on challenges to make improvements all around through creative development, using individual strengths and group collaboration. The villagers of Minecratia need help and students will help out different families who are struggling in different ways. Students will examine their situation, generate creative solutions, critically examine and choose solutions that will best help and finally implement them while building each family a dream home.

Afternoon enrichment classes are subject to change or cancellation if a minimum number of students do not register.

If you would like to apply for the Middle School Summer Program, please begin the application process.

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