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The Edison Environment


The environment at Edison is welcoming—it is evident that Edison students feel at home here. Walk down the stairs into the hallway by the Community Room and feel the energy with which our students, a diverse and enthusiastic bunch, greet the day and their peers. Read the walls and bulletin boards and you will learn that inclusiveness is a core value of the school. Notice the warm conversations and connections between the staff and the teenagers; a sense of humor abounds. You know you've come to a special place!

Everything we do at Edison is possible because of the cooperative, supportive partnerships among parents, students and staff. More than a school community, our common purpose unites us into the "Edison Village." It is gratifying to see the changes that occur within families of students as a result of this intentional environment. As students accept responsibility for their own learning, parents are relieved to find that they can simply "be parents" again; able to enjoy their kids and focus on their special qualities. Students learn to not only cope with their learning difference, but also to truly thrive in school and in life.

Edison High School's environment is fostered by: 


Edison High School faculty and staff plan activities with purpose. These activities are intended to familiarize students with the school, engage them for ease of transition, create bonds among our teens and develop strong, supportive relationships with teachers and counselors. When students are familiar with an environment and feel connected, barriers to success are removed. When they know that the adults around them are available, approachable and willing to help, they are more likely to reach out when assistance or advice is needed.


  • "Transitions Tools" orientation class for all incoming freshman

    • Takes place the week prior to school starting
    • Teaches high school readiness topics geared to students with learning differences
    • Introduces Edison technology tools
    • Incorporates fun getting-to-know-you activities for the class
  • New Student & Family Potluck Dessert

  • Orientation Week for the whole school during the first week of school

    • All-school activities, such as Field Day, take the place of electives for the first week


In addition to our efforts to intentionally build a tight-knit community, Edison High School engages in a variety of programs that help our students become academically successful, well-rounded individuals and responsible members of society.