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Service Learning

Service learning encourages the development of empathy, problem-solving skills, self-discipline and social skills. We want service learning to be a vehicle for our students to develop as citizens, experience a sense of social responsibility, recognize that young adults can make a difference in their communities and learn how their actions affect others. It also provides our teens with valuable understanding of real-world issues, while helping them access leadership opportunities and work experience, all of which will serve them well in their years after Edison. By volunteering in the community, they learn firsthand the importance of good citizenship—and giving back.

Edison students commit to contributing a number of service learning hours each year: 15 hours for new students and 20 hours for returning students, for which they receive school credit. Students choose their own areas of service, and submit a paper or PowerPoint presentation reflecting on the experience.

For information on documenting hours, what should be included in the presentation, and presentation formatting with examples, please check the links below.


A limit of 10 hours of service learning each year may be gained from Edison High School events, including:

All remaining hours are served through community organizations, self-selected by the student. There are many opportunities throughout the Portland metro area. Families are encouraged to assist their student or join with them for their service learning projects. Students have volunteered at the following organizations in the past, among many others: