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Athletics & Student Clubs

Developing the Whole Person

Engaging in sports or recreational activities, finding a like-minded group of fellow students or exploring a new activity or idea can help define the teenage years and lifelong interests. Extracurriculars keep school in perspective and students connected to the academic environment. For students with learning disabilities, activities can provide a much-needed outlet for physical activity, help reduce stress and showcase an area of strength and pride. Social and extracurricular opportunities help develop well-rounded individuals.

Teens with learning differences are still teens! Having fun and finding out who you are and what you like is an important part of high school. Edison High School offers opportunities for social interaction through on-campus activities; our students also have access to the full range of Jesuit High School's extracurricular activities.

Edison Clubs & Activities

Jesuit Athletics

All Jesuit teams are open to Edison High School students. We especially encourage our students to try cross country, football, swimming and track as these sports have a no-cut policy. All Jesuit coaches strive to make their specific sport a positive experience, regardless of the student's abilities.

Jesuit Clubs, Drama, Theater & Social Events

Because we are located on the Jesuit High School campus, Edison students are welcome to attend all Jesuit High School dances, plays and sporting events. Our students may participate in Jesuit's music and drama programs, as well as join the wide variety of Jesuit clubs and sports.

Click here to view the Jesuit Club List.

Access to Cafeteria and Library

All Edison students are welcome to use the Jesuit cafeteria, where they can purchase hot lunch and/or eat lunch with friends from either school, and the library facilities, which are open daily.