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On Saturday, March 11, 2023, our community gathered in celebration of Edison’s mission and the unique population of students we serve. Friends, family, and dedicated members of our community arrived at the Sentinel Hotel in their best casino attire to enjoy a moving program directed by our gracious emcee, Edison Class of 2008 alum and Director of Post-Secondary Transitions, Jesse Cox.

With Jesse at the helm and our auctioneer Christine DeCastro at her side, the two led the program with enthusiasm and charm. As lovely as our hosts were, no one could outshine the real star of the evening, our student guest speaker, Edison Class of 2023 senior, Quincy Hotchkiss.

Quincy spoke to the adversity he faced in his early childhood. As a young boy, he recognized that he interacted with the world differently than his peers and made the concerted effort to take pride in his differences, despite the overwhelming pressure to do just the opposite. Bullies led Quincy to some dark places in middle school, but Edison’s light “pulled [him] out of the darkness.”

In Edison, Quincy found peace in the sense of belonging that we work to cultivate for all of our students. He learned important lessons about self-advocacy, how to build trust and rely on teachers and friends, and how to “leverage [his] unique perspective to affect change.”

Edison High School exists to empower students like Quincy—talented, intelligent, and earnest kids that haven’t been given the chance to let their light shine. And we see that with collaboration, care, and trust, Quincy and so many others are able to exceed every expectation once they are shown the way to embrace their differences and use them to their advantage. As Quincy attests, Edison doesn’t just change lives, it saves them. 

Brilliance 2023 Photo Gallery:

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Video from our 2020 Benefit:

Riley Wass '21 shared his educational journey and how his learning differences have impacted him.

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