Transitions Program


One of the most important things we do at Edison is prepare our students for life after high school. Our criteria for measuring the success of our students is:

  • Graduation from high school 
  • Attending a post-secondary institution and/or working full- or part-time 
  • Gaining knowledge and tools that will help the student be able to both accept and advocate for themselves
  • Experiencing personal growth and success

All students who receive their diplomas from Edison High School receive career/vocational awareness and college guidance through our Transitions Specialist and attend a unique senior seminar throughout their final year of high school at Edison.

Transition Specialist

Edison's Transition Specialist is Martha Callahan, a full-time staff member whose sole job it is to help each Edison student discover and travel their chosen path after high school, whether it is into a four- or two-year institution of higher learning, technical training or employment. She meets with each student, helping them to:

  • Identify potential college matches
  • Choose the right college
  • Apply to college or vocational or technical training programs
  • Obtain work experience by identifying internship opportunities
  • Prepare to enter the workforce and seek employment

Senior Seminar

Senior seminar, a yearlong class for all seniors, introduces students to myriad non-academic skill sets through an academic lens. Taught in-person, through digital simulations and with role playing, students "face" many new situations that they might encounter in the "real world"—and experience a range of outcomes after they make behavioral choices. Then, they can "start over," with no real consequences! As Daniel Keller, the teacher of Senior Seminar says, "We want our students to excel in the subjects we teach, and, moreover, in the grander scope of adult life."

Topics include:

  • Inductive and deductive reasoning
  • Critical thinking
  • Personal finance
  • Independent living
  • Résumés
  • Credit score
  • Compound interest
  • Social and professional challenges

In addition, as part of this program, seniors are encouraged to take classes at Portland Community College, such as a study skills course or an elective.


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Edison High School is located on the campus of Jesuit High School.

Located in Portland, Oregon, Edison High School is a private school dedicated to meeting the special education needs of Learning Disabled teens (LD teens). Our students' learning differences include dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Asperger syndrome, Tourette syndrome, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, auditory processing, visual processing, communication disorders, executive functioning weakness and nonverbal learning disorders.