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Technology at Edison

The one-to-one technology environment at Edison High School is an integrated strategy that supports the educational experience of our students. Each student benefits from enhanced learning materials and assistive software on an iPad, customized for their specific needs.

All student iPads house a personalized set of applications, selected with the individual student’s needs in mind. This methodology is highly adaptive to the student’s evolving needs and is designed to help them succeed and flourish.

In August before the school year begins, all new students spend a week in a technology training seminar with teachers and our Director of Technology. This seminar introduces them to the technology they will be expected to use in the classroom and provides necessary hands-on experience to set the foundation for classroom success.

Students at Edison are encouraged to use their iPads at school and at home. By allowing students to use their iPads off-campus, over time, they are building a digital history of their work and experience. When students graduate and move on to the next phase of their lives, they take their iPads with them.

Our faculty members stay up to date on educational technology trends. All of our teachers have laptop computers and use iPads. Classrooms are equipped with digital projection and display devices, Apple TV, and other interactive support systems that make technology a part of everyday learning at Edison High School.

Our faculty, students, and families work together to shape the educational technology we use every day. Edison High School is an environment where differences are embraced, and the technology we use is adapted to the needs of each Edison student.

Technology at Edison