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Our Story

Our Mission

Edison High School empowers students with learning differences to experience academic success and personal growth while preparing them for the future. We are guided by a set of Core Values. Edison is student-centered and characterized by attunement, collaboration, dedication, accessibility, and organization; our students become future-ready. We have a very low student:teacher ratio, an excellent student support program, a unique educational approach and methodologies specific to students with learning differences. Learn more on our General Information tab!

Student Profile

Edison High School is open to students who have learning differences such as Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Tourette syndrome, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Visual Perception and Nonverbal Learning Disorders. Students are referred by parents, schools, counselors, tutors and medical professionals. Each student and family is interviewed prior to admission and evaluated by staff to ensure a good fit. We have a close-knit community, a welcoming and safe environment and vibrant student life.

The History of Edison High School

Our school was founded in 1973 as the Tree of Learning. For many years, students were taught in portable classrooms on the Jesuit High School campus. In 1992, we moved into a brand-new building of our own, changing our school's name to Thomas A. Edison High School in honor of the famed American inventor who had a learning difference. In 2014, we streamlined the school's name to Edison High School. Students also take classes in a satellite building in the Valley Plaza next door.

Edison High School is accredited through AdvancED (formerly Northwest Association of Accredited Schools).

Our Relationship with Jesuit High School

Edison is located on the campus of Jesuit High School. Though independent, there is a collaborative relationship between the two schools. Some Edison students attend classes at Jesuit and some Jesuit students take classes at Edison, serving students who may have learning differences in specific areas. In 2016-17, in conjunction with Jesuit HS, we began a new orientation program for our "hybrid" students and their parents. Although we are close partners, there are key differences between our two institutions. This new program was designed to prepare our shared students to begin the school year with confidence.

Teens with learning differences are still teens, and having fun is an important part of their high school experience. Because we are located on the Jesuit High School campus, Edison students are welcome to attend all Jesuit High School extracurricular programs, social events, sporting events, dances and plays. Our students may participate in Jesuit's music and drama programs, as well as join a wide variety of clubs and participate in Jesuit sports. We particularly encourage our students to try cross country, football, swimming and track as these sports have a no-cut policy. All Jesuit coaches strive to make their specific sport a positive experience, regardless of the student's abilities.

As a result of this relationship, Edison students are able to learn in a smaller environment structured for their individual learning style, yet take part in social and extracurricular activities at both schools, allowing them to choose what kind of extracurricular experience best fits their needs.

Our Namesake, Thomas A. Edison

As a dyslexic, Thomas Edison struggled greatly in school, where he was considered a mischief-maker and a problem child. His mind often wandered in class, he talked when he was supposed to be listening and he paid little attention to detail. The schoolmaster considered him such a poor student that he advised Edison's mother to take him out of school altogether, "for he would never make a scholar."

Of course, Edison proved everyone wrong. And while not every child with learning differences will achieve such notability as an adult, the example of Thomas Edison's achievements serves as our daily inspiration. Just as Edison transformed the way we live, Edison High School transforms the lives of our students.

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