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Edison Names New Principal

May 24, 2022

Edison High School is thrilled to announce that Dan Keller has been named the next principal. Mr. Keller brings a wealth of diverse experience and a unique perspective to this role. He has been a vital part of the Edison community since 2011. Mr. Keller earned a B.A. from the University of Oregon's School of Planning, Public Policy, and Management in concert with graduating from the University’s Clark Honors College, at which he was also honored as a dual recipient of the College’s President’s Award. While at the University of Oregon, he served as one of a few student representatives on the University’s Undergraduate Council.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Mr. Keller spent two years in Honduras as a Peace Corps volunteer, which saw him working in projects ranging from municipal development, to teaching, and coaching baseball. Mr. Keller also served as an Emergency Zone Coordinator, which saw him overseeing logistics and communicating important information to other area volunteers in the midst of tumultuous times. His time in the Peace Corps led to some of his earliest teaching experiences, working with small groups, connecting with the local community, and understanding that teaching is bigger than being in the classroom.

Mr. Keller recognizes the importance of relationships and credits his tenure at Edison to the high value placed on relationship-building between faculty and students. “Our students are never going to be just a number,” says Keller. “There is real power in seeing students who feel beaten down by the system and working with them to develop faith in themselves and recognize that they have tremendous talent,” he continues.

In his time as a teacher at Edison, Keller worked to revamp our Senior Seminar class into a cornerstone of our educational program. Seniors take this important class to learn crucial life skills before they graduate. A master of transitional programs, Keller also relaunched the POST Edison program in 2020, working with students after graduation as they navigate their next steps.

Education is a family affair in the Keller household. Emily Keller is completing her tenth year at Jesuit High School as an English teacher. Dan and Emily have two young sons, Michael, 5, and Elijah, 1.

“I have seen firsthand Mr. Keller’s natural leadership and deep connection with the faculty, staff, and students. In a school year that threw a few curveballs, he stepped up with a calm sense of care and helped move Edison forward,” says Edison president Mike Schwab.