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iPad Cases

iPads at Edison

Students receiving a new iPad for the Fall of the 2024-25 school year will receive The model iPad 10.9-inch (10th Generation) device. For this year the device is a slightly different size than previous years and may require a different case size. Please be sure to verify any accessories or cases are compatible with this model. It is important to note the charging ports are also a new design on this model. Please do not purchase an Apple Pencil or similar device until your student receives the iPad and you can verify the pencil model they would need.

We require that every student purchase and bring to school an acceptable case prior to receiving the iPad. This is to ensure the iPad is properly protected from incidental damage and to help identify each individual iPad. Please note we have not had the opportunity to review cases for this new model and cannot make specific product recommendations at this time. 

In addition, we require each student to have a keyboard as part of normal use. Since keyboards tend to take a lot of abuse during their time of service, cases with removable/replaceable keyboards are recommended.

Appropriate cases will cover all 4 corners of the device, and securely hold the iPad in the case while in use (i.e., no sleeves). While we have a few recommended cases listed below, we encourage students to pick the case that suits their personality. Think about the different ways you will use the iPad, reading a book is different from typing or taking handwritten notes. Pick a case that works for your student's style.

Please think about your student's habits and behaviors when choosing a case. If they are rough and tumble, and tend to inflict heavy wear on their clothes and personal belongings, the same will also hold true for an iPad case or accessory. Also, keep your receipts and take note of warranties, if the case wears out early, you may be able to request a free or reduced price replacement.

IPad cases need to be appropriate. Cases or accessories with ads or depictions of drugs or alcohol are not appropriate. Also covers with obscene or out of dress code material will not be acceptable.

A word about screen protectors. There are a number of films and plastic covers for screens marketed currently to protect an iPad's front glass from scratches and other damage. We recommend against using these in favor of a case that includes a cover for the screen when it is stored. IPads are touch sensitive devices, and we find that protective films and covers reduce the sensitivity and accuracy of the touch interface. If you prefer to use a protective film the tempered glass protectors will provide protection with the least amount of reduction in touch performance.

Beyond a case, we also recommend students have the following:

  • Stylus
    For handwritten notes and drawing.
  • Keyboard
    Allows for touch typing of longer documents and correspondence.
  • Stand
    For those cases without an integrated way to prop up the device, a separate stand may be purchased to allow the iPad to be used upright on desks or tables.

The following is a list of examples for each device type. Please take time to examine and determine what works best for you. You do not need to pick off of this list. Any option that can be found in a store or online is fine, so long as the case meets the minimum requirements.

All-In-One Cases + Keyboard

Folio cases are a protective cover, stand, and keyboard all in one. They fold up into a nice compact package and generally are very safe. The downside to all-in-one cases with keyboards is that they can be awkward for on screen reading like a book.

Folio type cases are by far the most common cases used by students.


Lots of reasonable keyboards are available. While a keyboard is required, look and feel are important, as well as the fact that your student will be carrying it daily to and from school. For those students with large hands, they may find a separate full-size keyboard easier to use.


A stylus is used to write or draw on the iPad screen. Although fingers can be used on the screen, they are not as accurate and efficient as a stylus can be. Make sure you get a stylus that is compatible with the iPad and will not damage the screen. Pay particular attention to the length of the stylus as the come in sizes from 2" to 7", get one long enough to be held comfortably by your student. For some a 3-4" stylus is fine. For some of the older students with larger hands, a 7" stylus is more appropriate. As of the iPad 2018, you may also use the Apple Pencil Stylus as well as the Logitech Crayon.  (WARNING! do not purchase a stylus device until your student receives the iPad. Charging and connection ports may be different this year and require a totally new style stylus.)