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College and Career

Planning for the future is a big part of our focus here at Edison. Whatever the aspirations of our students, be it a four-year college, a specific career or a technical degree, we are here to help each individual successfully navigate a path toward their goal, while acquiring the self-advocacy, planning and self-sufficiency they will need, too.

College Planning Tools

To find tools for college planning, selecting a major or finding and applying to college, go to

A comprehensive web site called helps students to find the “right” colleges through the use of a “college match” service. Compare data such as cost of attendance, graduation rates and student demographics; estimate your admission chances; search for scholarships; and estimate the amount of financial aid you might receive.

To explore colleges, and access lists and rankings, go to From the book The College Finder by Steven Antonoff, the college profiles are written by students themselves. It includes, among many others, the following categories:

  • Colleges for Students with Aspergers: The Very Friendly Ones
  • Colleges with a Strong Sense of Community
  • Colleges for the Jock
  • Where Nerds are Chic

A website for determining the chances of getting accepted at different colleges, gives admissions statistics and scattergrams for comparing admissions data from differing schools.

For a website with college reviews and rankings written by college students covering academics, campus food, campus housing, diversity, social life, etc., click Students can use the college match and scholarship search engines, compare majors and find recommended schools based on your SAT/ACT scores and much, much more.  

Career Planning Tools

 Career planning helps individuals organize their thinking about education, work and other life roles. There are numerous online resources to help with this process.

The Oregon Career Information System (CIS) is a great place to start. This website is an all-inclusive tool for career exploration, college searches, financial aid and occupational information. It requires a log-in with your previously assigned user name and password. The website can also be accessed with our school's user name (ThomasEdison2011) and password (Senior2011).

For a one-stop college and career planning website, visit