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Portland's Morrison Bridge will light up red for dyslexia awareness

Portland's Morrison Bridge will light up red for dyslexia awareness.

"My teachers and classmates didn't understand why I was struggling," says Nazle Taylor, a senior at Edison High School in Portland, which is specifically dedicated to addressing the needs of students with learning disabilities and differences. "With greater awareness about dyslexia, I hope fewer kids will experience the embarrassment I felt in elementary school."

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Edison High School Newsletter Fall 2016

PDF version of Fall 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year!

Edison’s freshman class and new transfer students were treated to an extra week of school this year. All indications are that it was a worthwhile (and fun!) week. Spear­headed by Carrie Lucas, one of our fantastic counselors, Edison held a week-long orientation class (Au­gust 15 – 19) for all new students. The class, Transition Tools, was developed to teach students with learning differences the specific skills they need to minimize chal­lenges and maximize their success during high school. The class cov­ered a myriad of high school readi­ness topics while incorporating fun getting-to-know-you activities.

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Edison High School Newsletter Winter 2015

PDF version of Winter 2015 Newsletter

Thomas Edison High School is now Edison High School!

Two years ago Edison High School (formerly Thomas A. Edison High School) embarked on a self-reflecting journey. Under the expert leadership and creative genius that is HMH, Edison went through an enlightening process to analyze our school’s brand position. Ed Herinckx, President of HMH and past Edison parent, offered the guidance and expertise of his team as a way to give back to the school where his daughter thrived.

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Thomas Edison High School Newsletter Spring 2014

PDF of 2014 Spring Newsletter

Steve Beard named “Lead PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator”

Congratulations to our own Steve Beard, recently named one of the top 16 Digital Innovators in the country! After a nationwide search by PBS LearningMedia, our Earth Science and Physics teacher, Mr. Beard, was selected as one of the most digitally savvy educators in the country.

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Thomas Edison High School Newsletter Winter 2013

2013 Winter Newsletter

We’re Ahead of the Curve: A Message from Patrick J. Maguire, Director

He phrase “ahead of the curve” refers to your position on the statistical bell curve, where the top of the curve represents the median, average result. Typical Edison students have average or above average intelligence, with varied performance along a standardized curve. Our goal is to “level the playing field,” helping our students perform at their highest potential, both academically and socially.

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Thomas Edison High School Newsletter Spring 2013

PDF Version of Spring 2013 Newsletter

Saving Energy: Edison Teachers Commute by Bicycle

It’s no secret that we Portlanders love our bicycles. Portland was rated America’s most bike-friendly city in 2012 by Bicycling magazine. Our city also has the largest number of bike commuters in any large U.S. city: 6% of all trips to work are by bike, according to the Portland Bureau of Transportation. Based on data from the Census Bureau, this is about 11 times the national average. Here in Portland, about 17,000 workers commute by bicycle.

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Thomas A. Edison High School Newsletter Fall 2012

PDF Version of Fall 2012 Newsletter

Help Where It's Needed: A Message from Patrick J. Maguire, Director

One thing I love about Edison is that our small classes and advisory groups help teachers recognize students’ needs. Along with our commitment to strong communication, this allows us to attend to our students’ needs as quickly and effectively as possible. Two areas of need have come to our attention over the last year: reading skills and executive processing skills. I’m very happy to be able to tell you about how we’re addressing those needs this year.

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Thomas A. Edison High School Newsletter Spring 2012

PDF Version of Spring 2012 Newsletter

Grandparents Day: A New Edison Tradition

“The students at Thomas Edison High School are genuine, funny, friendly, happy, smart, and most of all, open hearted because we all understand each other. We all know what it feels like to be ignored and alone in school. At Edison, for the first time, I wanted to be in school because I was happy.” Senior Sarah Friedman shared her story with an audience of Edison students, grandparents, and other special friends attending our very first Grandparents Day on April 6, 2012.

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Thomas A. Edison High School Newsletter Fall 2011

PDF Version of Fall 2011 Newsletter

Technology & Transitions: A Message from Patrick J. Maguire, Director

There’s news, and there’s good news, and there’s great news. The news: the National Center for Learning Disabilities 2011 report concludes that major improvement is needed in the areas of technology and transitions. This report found that too few students with learning differences have access to the assistive technology they need, and too few LD students are involved in successful transitions planning. Now for the good news: technology and transitions have been areas of improvement at Thomas Edison High School for more than a decade.

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Thomas A. Edison High School Newsletter Spring 2011

PDF version of Spring 2011 Newsletter

Our School's Father and Mother: A Tribute Long Overdue by Patrick Maguire, Director

Since Thomas Edison High School opened its doors as the “Tree of Learning” in 1973, many amazing people have helped the school survive and thrive. Among these fine folks, two figures loom larger than all of the rest in terms of their impact on the school: Fr. Jim Galluzzo and Mrs. Jocelyn Tuthill, the father and mother of Thomas A. Edison High School. Jim and Jocelyn are the twin pillars upon which our beloved school was built, and it is long past time to tell their stories.

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Thomas A. Edison High School Newsletter Fall 2010

PDF version of Fall 2010 Newsletter

Preparing for the Future: A Message from Patrick J. Maguire, Director

Here at Edison, our mission statement is posted in every classroom and office: “Thomas Edison High School empowers students with learning differences to experience academic success and personal growth, while preparing them for the future.” We witness our students’ academic success and personal growth on a daily basis.  But what are we doing to prepare them for the future?

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Thomas A. Edison High School Newsletter Winter 2010

“Partner with Thomas Edison” Breakfast Inspires Our Community

On November 12, 2009, over 370 guests gathered at the Cascade Crest Banquet Hall in the Oregon Zoo for the Partner with Thomas Edison breakfast. This annual event raises much-needed funds for financial aid, technology, and professional development at Thomas A. Edison High School. The morning raised $194,000 in new pledges and gifts. Thank you to all of our donors for your incredible support. You are helping students obtain the best possible education regardless of their economic circumstances.

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Colton Squire will play tennis at Millsaps College

Edison High School senior Colton Squire made his decision to play tennis at the college level and signed his National Letter of Intent from Millsaps College. Colton’s father David Squire, Coach Jeff Wood, and teammate Andrew Newell joined the celebration. Edison is located on the Jesuit High School campus, which allows Edison students to participate in Jesuit’s athletic programs. Colton has been playing tennis for Jesuit since his sophomore year. 

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